الْمُؤْمِنُ مِرَآةُ الْمُؤْمِنِ
“The believer is the mirror of the believer.”. (Abu Dawud, Decent, 49)

          While looking at the news yesterday, Mr. Erdoğan, the President of France, accused our soldiers of massacring civilians in the Peace Spring campaign; Bak Look in the mirror, ”he replied, suddenly the thought of writing this article in my head occurred.

         Life is like a mirror, dear friends! If you resent him, he resents you, he smiles at you, he smiles at you. Charlie Chaplin, the famous French comedian, who once spent silent cinema laughing at the world; Um My best friend is mirrors because they never laugh when I cry. Gül The important thing is to find the soul to complement you. The advice given by every Prophet is the same: bul Find the person who will mirror you, eder he warns us. Mevlana. Mirror, mirror, mirror… So what is this mirror?

          Mirror is the general name of polished surfaces that can reflect the rays falling on it. The face of the substance used as a mirror must be smooth and smooth. Glass plates painted with a mixture called «glaze» on the back, or smoother metal sheets are used as mirrors.

            When our beloved Prophet was sitting with his companions, Abu Jehil came in and he was Miss Beauty; “How ugly you are, O Muhammad,” he insults. Our Prophet told him; “You are right!” he responds. Soon after Hz. When Abu Bakr came in, he addressed the Messenger of Allah, how beautiful you are. Our Prophet, Him; “You are right!” he answers. Ashab asks; “You said to both, true. What is wisdom?” Our Prophet; “I am in the mirror. The one who sees me sees himself. They both saw themselves and said they had seen” they commanded.

 Selfishness is like a mirror attached to the eye. No matter where those eyes look, he cannot see anyone but himself. Two people look out of prison fingers, one sees the stars in the sky, the other sees the mud on the floor. His Holiness makes the following remarkable determination;

If you’re looking for a flaw, take all the mirrors.

      In the hadith of “believer is the believer anlatıl, the believer is described with a polished, bright, polished, pure mirror symbol which allows the believer to see and correct his own deficiencies and mistakes clearly. It is possible to explain the opposite: it is possible for other believers to see imperfect and sinful believers in a mirror-degraded, degraded mirror position and try to avoid the same inaccuracies. The true believer, depicted with the mirror symbol in this hadith, is also interpreted as the human being (mature man who is mature) according to the Sufis and Allah (pbc) himself.

Hazrat Mevlana’s Mirror and the Story of the Earth Soil said to the mirror: “O mirror! I envy you! Because whoever looks at you sees himself; those who look at me, only sees me! ”The mirror replied to the land:“ O land, what a futile trouble you are. Don’t you know I’m gonna show me today’s ministers. But you will tell the future of those who look after you. ” Although the earth liked this answer, he asked again in the mirror: “O mirror! Obviously these words are meant to comfort me. Can you tell me, those who look at you, will they ever look back at me? ”The mirror said to him with a bitter smile in the face of these words:

Ana Don’t worry, Mother Earth! The eyes of those who have no face to look at me will always come back to you. ”


10/11/2019 KONYA

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