Adır Healing the souls, loving the beloved ones, taking care of the patients. ”


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful

“Listen, how does this story tell you, how does it complain about separations. Since they cut me from the reed, I have been screaming man and woman… Everyone cried and moaned. I want a broken heart from the breakup so I can open my mind. The person who falls away from the original seeks the time of reunion. (1-4. Couplets)

Longing to live the most difficult of suffering, climbing the steepest hill of life alone must be the other name of the expatriate. Today, we have millions of people who have left their place of birth and loved ones, even if they have different reasons, and have to live in different geographies. These people leave their homeland, their loved ones behind, but there is something that they take with them emotional pain. His Holiness Mevlana came to Konya from far away. He is one of the best knowers of the expatriate. I am not in the expatriate is one of those who say in me.

            According to Mevlana, the world is a gurb. He who doesn’t want to take the curses of this world can get away only when he has his Lord. What is meant by human. What is the closest instrument to human voice? Ever since they cut the reed from their original homeland, carve it inside and branded the outside with fire, he tries to explain his troubles, says he complains, but he doesn’t actually take a surrealistic approach. Bu This is our pure melal, or he means. In this lying world, you can’t be happy, my brother says. To tell my problem, as lovers say, “lovers understand me” brings to the point.

Separation from each problem

Long nights that you leave long nights I do not know where I go nights Shoot my heart wound nights.

      Asking what love is; Hz You know when you are like me an Hz. Pir wants the heartbroken face of the sufferers who have been torn apart. Everyone says they don’t understand everybody. Is not the weight of the conditions that exhaust us, not the deafness of those who do not understand the situation? We need to read from the saddle, not from the line. What do you know when you’re hungry?

      He does not appreciate the value of his own homeland, which does not live in his hometown. Only those who know the omnipotence and the loyal ones understand me. In education, we are confronted with a phenomenon in which families do not put dust on them, raise their children hand-to-hand, rose-to-baby and cause them to be violent, selfish and egoistic. Today, the establishment of baths where children call the inn takes them away from real life, a generation who doesn’t care about anything but themselves comes. Children from cold water to hot water did not touch, the Internet and Google to ask everything to the network, I know everything to the finest detail, narcissistic, empathy comes to children. Schools, teachers, books and family have to educate those who appreciate and value their hearts.

       Everything is recourse to its origin, so there is a promise that it will return. One should understand that he resided in this world with a temporary resettlement document, and should never forget it. He should not be tied to the temporary world and forget that one day he will meet his Lord, his native land. Hz. It is not in vain that Mevlana called Şebi Arus (wedding night) the day of his death.

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