Learned helplessness

    You’ve seen facebook, watshap groups shared that picture too. How a two-
year-old Asian boy took a big, huge buffalo by the rope. I know from my
childhood, how the bear began to play as soon as the babysitter took his bell.
They call it acquired failure syndrome or learned helplessness syndrome. If
the organism’s reactions do not come to a conclusion, they try to explain it as
a state of mood that comes with a belief that it cannot change the outcome.

  • I knew it wouldn’t work * Even the little boy knows that this is going to
  • I didn’t tell you that this is the job.
  • That’s how it goes.
    I know he’s gonna take you away from me this last morning.
          Experiments on animals proved this state of mind. Two groups of dogs
    were used as subjects. One group of dogs was placed in a cage with an
    electric button on the floor and the other group in a cage without an electric
    button. Then, both cages were given electric shocks. Dogs in the cage with an
    electric switch stopped the shock by pressing the electric switch they learned
    over time. Others continued to suffer because they did not have such a
    chance. Then these dog groups were moved.
    Dogs that did not have a switch, did not engage in the search for a switch, but
    ac somehow we will eat this shock, sergil showed their helplessness. They
    were shocked by their desperation. The failure has been acknowledged so
    that they don’t notice the electric switch to remove the obstacle.
    The other group had an open space above the cage without a switch. They
    found a solution according to the new situation and jumped out of here.

       Taught helplessness is such that it can cause mood disorders such as
anxiety, depression, anxiety, and restlessness. Sometimes it may even require
professional help.
       In cases of learned helplessness, keeping the moral motivation of the
individual high, it may be necessary for us to remember that the processes
that occurred in every event experienced in the past could result in
negativity, and that Edison lived in the invention of electricity, I don’t know
how many negative experiments he did. Sometimes we need to emphasize
that what we know can be no, and what we know can be evil. We should look
at the negative processes of the past by positively approaching them
(affirmation technique). A new day with brand new emotions and thoughts, a
little reset to our memory by thinking that the amount of garbage in memory
is too much unnecessary to delete information. We need to get rid of the
dead soil as soon as possible.
          The last word of Mevlana nibs;
“If someone calls the candle during the day, it is a proof of his blindness.
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